[price check] speed horses

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  1. anyone know the prices of these horses

    130 speed
    131 speed
    132 speed
    133 speed
    134 speed
    135 speed
    136 speed
    105 jump
    104 jump

  2. Bump, answers pls?
  3. They are worth like 500r - 3k each :)
  4. Let me take a crack at this. I'm no breeding fanatic, but this is what I have gathered from people so far (or just what Moe is selling for :p)

    130 speed 3k
    131 speed 15k
    132 speed 175k
    133 speed -
    134 speed 375k
    135 speed -
    136 speed -
    105 jump Not sure on this, 10k maybe?
    104 jump 4k
  5. Oh :p Nvm I didnt see speed :p I read it all for jump
  6. If this is true im really underpricing horses especially 132s
  7. I think that price for the 132 is pretty high
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  8. So what would be annormal pice? I do 50k
  9. I think that sounds about right

    Sorry to hijack your thread, but does anyone know the price of a 49 and 47?
  10. Im selling 45-49s also id say 10k for a 49
  11. I'm asking speed. If you have a 45 speed I would gladly take it off your hands
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  12. if that is speed, i would like one also(if is less than 46)
  13. I have a 45 and a 44 starter
  14. If speed, I'll buy both. PM me in game later and we can negotiate
  15. Sorry thats jump lol
  16. I figured. Looks like I keep my title for another day :p
  17. My lowest speed is a 52 but fate is gonna trade me a 48 for sumtin later
  18. I think i sold u a 50 speed starter before? Note sure did i?
  19. Still ain't as slow as a 47 ;)

    You did :)
  20. Mind if i buy it back? I dont even think i gave a good price i sold it fro like 2k, thx