[ Price Check ] Some Staff Heads

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  1. Anyone know the prices on the following?:

    Aikar (regular)
    Aikarias (rainbowchin alt)
    The_Pebble (the_boulder's alt)
    ArchdukeMelon (manchildie)
    maxarias (promo version)

    Thanks :)
  2. also added in elfinpineapple0
  3. These Are The Prices I Think? :D
    Aikar (regular) 350k
    Krysyy 300k
    chickeneer 300k
    HashHog 200k
    Aphaea 200k
    Breezyman 250k
    SeffyChan 200k
    Aikarias (rainbowchin alt) like 300k
    Luckygreenbird 50k-100k
    The_Pebble (the_boulder's alt) 300k
    JackBiggin 10k
    ArchdukeMelon (manchildie) 250k
    carolmoss 200k
    weeh666 200k
    dramanya 200k
    zion_moyer 150k
    maxarias (promo version) 60k
    BurgerKnight 100k
    Elfinpineapple0 450k
  4. chickeneer (Not sure if still does this but will trade for free if you PM him.)
    maxarias (promo version) - 50-60k

    Some of those seem way off. Well most of them.
  5. thanks for the input, but I don't think that they're quite this high :p
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  6. Luckygreenbird & Burgerknight traded theirs heads for one of mine as well.

    EDIT: Also I purchased HashHogs head for 10k recently.
  7. Hash sells his head for 6.5k at his museum, lucky and burger give theirs out for free, and I think zion's is around 100k. I don't know too many of the others, sorry :(
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  8. What would the price of a pvp Krysyy head go for?
  9. I'd say 1.2m at most, 800k at least
  10. I paid 200k or so I believe. Will check my logs.
  11. Ya I must have been thinking of something else. I know there was a recent auction for 2 of them. One went for over 1 million and I won another for 651,050r.
  12. I actually won that auction for 1mil, but I'm sure that's overpriced and I'm curious to know what it actually is worth
  13. Aikar (regular)
    Krysyy: 100-200k
    chickeneer: You can trade heads with him, yours for his, if you ask nicely.
    HashHog: You can buy Hashhogs head at his 4th res. About 6500r
    Breezyman: You can buy his head for 250k at his res.
    SeffyChan: You can find Seffy's head in a secret location on one of her res's. You're not aloud to sell her head.
    Aikarias (rainbowchin alt)
    Luckygreenbird: He gives you one when asked nicely, so not a lot of money there.
    The_Pebble (the_boulder's alt): I've heard about 70k-100k
    JackBiggin: Can buy for 10k through pvp.
    ArchdukeMelon (manchildie): ArchDukeMelon heads are very rare, only 2 out there. More of manchildie and Archdukemelon without capital D.
    dramanya: There are some out there, would say about 50-100k
    zion_moyer: You can buy his head from him for 150k I believe.
    maxarias (promo version): 40k-60k
    BurgerKnight: Burgerknight heads are about 40-50k
    Elfinpineapple0: Since it's his old name it's not very pricey, maybe 20k or something like that.
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  14. Wow really? I have no clue when or where I got one of them lol
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  15. Is it the "ArchDukeMelon" with all of the capitals?
  16. Which one? A capital D ArchDukeMelon one?
  17. Sorry I was wrong it was an Elfinpineapple0 head that I didn't know how I got lol I have only the manchildie one.
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  18. These are basically given out like candy. ;) If you're paying more than 1r for them, you're paying too much. :p Unless, of course, he's changed his head-dropping ways since he changed his name, in which case ignore me. :rolleyes:
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  19. I still have about 10 of his heads, pretty sure he just randomly gives them out, which is cool! :p