[Price Check] Some Promos/Rares

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  1. Hey everyone I was wonder what the following items are worth

    -A Full Marlix set (what each piece Goes for)
    -An Aikar Head From The Drop party last year on 12/23/13
    -A Freedom Blade
    -And A Diamond Supporter Gift From Last Year It Still has IceCreamcow's Name on it

    I tried to upload a picture but It wouldn't let me

    Please don't Ask to buy as I wont be selling just want o know how much they are worth.
    Thank you

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  2. ive seen freedom blades go from like 30k-35k
  3. Well in my experience of boss hunting, selling, buying etc.
    Marlix Helms go for 50k-60k,
    chest plate goes 55-75k,
    Leggings go for 50-60k,
    boots go for 47-54k
    bow goes for 44k-55k

    And I beleive an Aikar purple head is worth some 120k, but I am not sure.
  4. In an auction i have seen the marlix bow go for 100k btw
  5. If you're looking to sell any of these, PM me
  6. Marlix Helmet: 35k
    Marlex Chestpiece: 50k
    Marlix Leggings: 40k
    Marlix Boots: 30k
    Marlix Bow: 60k
    Freedom Blade: 35k
    Diamond Supporter Voucher: 450k - 500k
    Aikar head: around 80k? (It got duplicated and distributed)
  7. Yeah, but that was a freak incident, look at the average...
  8. Thanks guys/gals