[price check] some items/promos

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  1. I have been collecting some promo from special events most i already know how much they are worth .. for others i cant find a value for ... I have looked maybe i am not searching hard enough but i was hoping someone would help out .. I would love to know the value of my collection.. I am going to list some of the items to see if the price i have matches others opinions and to get an idea of the prices for the ones i dont know.. Any help will be great ..

    Emc treasure voucher
    Green Krysyyjane head
    Unopened freedom Blade chest
    Unopened Independence helmet chest
    Dirt destroying tick tock
    independence head
    Marlix helmet Used 48/55 durability
    Used turkey Slicer 1220/1561 Durability
  2. the used turkey slicer would go for about 8k.
    the EMC Treasure voucher can go up to 100k.
    the dirt destroying tick tock generally goes for 50k
    unopened freedomblade chest goes for 25k
    unopened I-day helm. chest would go for maybe 27k
    and the marlix helmet i would sugest to keep if used.

    hope this helped :) (don't know price of a green krysyy head.)