[Price Check] Some EMC special items (Promos n' stuff)

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    • EMC Firework (2012 NewYears)
    • Aikar's Head (Aikar's 12/23/13 Drop Party)
    • EMC Treasure Voucher
    • Promo Instructions
    • Book of Colors
    • Iday Pants Chest
    I'm not selling any of these, just need to know how much my stuff is worth
  1. I got my book of colors for 25k
  2. EMC firework: ~ 35k is what I would pay
    Treasure voucher: ~ 12k - 18k in auctions
    Iday pants chest: ~ 40k - 50k as a rough estimate (they were about 35k when they came out)
  3. DP head, treasure voucher, and promo instructions are all very dependent on the buyer.
    EMC firework: 40k
    BoK: 35k-Give or take 5
    IDay pants chest: ~65k