[Price Check] Slime Heads

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  1. I was curious as to how much a Slime Head was worth?
  2. Meh, an easy 5-10k.
  3. Really? Interesting, I guess my stack of slime heads will go to good use ;)
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  4. Goodness! Someone's been slime farming.. ;)
  5. Indeed, good ol' Slime Town on Utopia.
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  6. Ahh, memories. :)
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  8. yeah but did you fix the actual farm? most of the levels dont work anymore
  9. :eek:
    I believe it's time for re-population!
    Is the iron golem farm still on top of obsidian and purple tower?
  10. It is still there, but someone took the villagers. It isn't in operation currently.
  11. Aw :(
    any idea how many villagers you need per chamber to make them spawn? I could bring a few stacks of villager eggs out there.
  12. i think 5 chambers are empty atm, havent checked yet tho
  13. If you want a good working Slime Farm, you can't have an iron farm. There are 3 cells there, meaning you'd need at least 48 villagers, and that would make even less slimes spawn. Of course, if it was built a little further away, there would be no problems, but the farm is only a few chunks away from the slime pads.
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  14. Well, last few times I've been there, there have been like 25 golems in there, and slimes were still spawning...
  15. I think they are like 8.5k in most places you try to sell to, but yea what piggeh said :p
  16. They do spawn, but in fewer quantities, that's what I meant. If you want a great working farm, you have to choose either iron farm or slime farm.
  17. Went there about an hour ago, love what you did with the place :p
  18. So...slime heads are around 8kish? I have them for 2.5k, and nobody seems to be buying them...do they just not want them, er what?