[Price check] Shaunwhite1982 player head

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Deathtomb8953, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Title say's it all, how much do they go for on average if at all, I know back in the day there were next to none of them out there.
  2. I know he used to trade them for anyone's head. I'd say it has no reason to be anything different than chickeneers, so whatever that's worth :p
  3. I'll buy it from you for 100r
  4. He only asked for a price check, no where was it stated that he is looking to put the item for sale :)
  5. I know I was just putting an offer out there
  6. maybe about 300k
  7. Can't be. He openly traded it for anyone's head for at least a year.
  8. That may be so, but I have not been seeing any of heads floating around so iI suspect there is still not many out there. He didnt exactly advertise that he was trading them at will, he just waited for people to ask.
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