(Price check/Selling) Blizz Ards nose!

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  1. Alright guys! After wandering around in the wild I found a Blizz Ard! When I killed him I got a surprise! A Blizz Ards Nose! This isn't my first or my second Blizz Ards nose, So I decided to see if I can sell this one! So here we go. Pm me offers and comment what it is worth. Here is a picture of the nose

  2. Bump! Come on guys! I know how rare these are!
  3. I've gotten offers of around 300k in various promos; I've also traded one for an avalauncher for one =D
  4. I'll give you a voters shovel for it
  5. I would totally trade it for an avalancher!
  6. Was this a joke?
  7. still not worth that much =P

    at the time, someone was buying them for 500k!(the avalaunchers) thought I had made bank! but then they dropped so much =\