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  1. By a bit of luck I got res #200 on smp1. I would love to have a price estimate. I am aware that is is worth "alot" but I would love to see that narrowed down.


    Thanks guys!
  2. If i were to buy it the most id pay would be 175k
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  3. It's a specialized market. Personally, I would not pay 1k for it. :)
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  4. Who told you it was worth a lot? It is an edge res, so location is not valuable. The address is "cool", but there are many, many addresses that are similar enough that it doesn't really increase its value. Is it the location of a previously popular res? If it is a well known number due to a previous owner, and thus people visit it more often, then it could be worth more.

    Other than that, I would say it is worth between 5-10k.
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  5. You're nuts lol.
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  6. It's a nice number, so I'd say it's worth a little more than a standard res. However, I had a look at the res on SMP1 and it seems that the only thing it really has going for it as a selling point is that number, but I wouldn't say it would make it worth more than, say, 30k. I got 18200 (nice number, not much else) for free using /claim, and I've had similar easy numbers like that before as well, and personally I'd never pay too much more just for a number - but I'd say that it could raise your value a little bit :)
  7. Ah thanks guys.
  8. IMHO, if you were selling, your best bet would be to set a price, say 100k, and just wait for a buyer.

    It's like a shiny trinket. Not worth anything to the average player, but if someone rich decides they want it they'll drop 100k without caring.

    You can always build something on the res to increase the popularity of the res number. This would create value in the mind of the average player.
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  9. True points here, and just to add to your last point - new recent commands allow players to exchange residences with others for a fee (I believe 25k or somewhere around that), this means that a person could sell something that they have built on their res to raise the value further and get paid for that by the other player before the exchange.

    The only downside there is that the 25k is paid as a rupee sink, as opposed to being paid to the player - but they're all ideas!
  10. Thanks guys!
  11. were alll am AWESOME (insert john cena theme here)
  12. May I ask why you bumped this old thread?
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  13. idk, i didnt see it was old