[Price Check] Random Shenanigans

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Roslyn, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. Edit: Marlix Boots sold for 119k to Kevinsiah
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  2. Most of those are worth less than 7r I'm buying, btw :3
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  3. I've seen that book sell for a few hundred thousand so far. Nothing above 400k.
  4. Dragon stone is about 4k a piece. Someone was buying the book for 500k but I'm clueless as to what the real price is. Everything is above 1k though :p

  5. Nevertheless, congrats on the successful puckups. I think the Aikar head is still around 80k. I remember a player duped a mass number of them, however, I'm not sure if all of them were corralled. If it was duped I presume it'd plummet the price.
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  6. I had Marlix leggings once and sold them to Dramanya for 15k :( I regret that.
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  7. This is a new head that was just released and dropped yesterday. :p
  8. Oh wow...I thought it was the old DP head for some reason...

    I posted that at 2:30am, give me a break :p
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  9. I just recently sold an Aikar DP head from yesterday for 600k, and I sold the head and the signature together as a package for 1.2 mil. They are worth more or less 600k apiece in my mind.
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  10. I payed 400k for the head and the book for 600k
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  11. Mhmmmm Hehehehehehe! dankies for this information