[Price Check] Rainbowchin PvP Head

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  1. Not selling unless a really good offer comes along just wondering how much its worth in general Rainbowchin pvp head.jpg
  2. Like the currently existing krysyyjane9191 and Aikar PvP heads, RainbowChin will only be handing these out to those that slay him during PvP events.

    They will be limited in quantity, but over time there will be more of them in circulation. I beleive the total is currently at 2-3.
  3. I won one yesterday :) just wondering if i were to sell atm what prices would be like
  4. lol, I was waiting for one of threads :)
    Those who paid attention at the event will know how many there are.
  5. I was not there, but I believe there are four. You would not be able to put an exact price on them however - they are basically valued at what ever you would sell it for/how much someone would realistically buy one for. But, as more go into circulation, more may be sold around, causing a perhaps decrease in its value or a more solid value price if it is sold around a fair bit.

    But for now, you won't be able to put a price on this due to the significance of the item in hand so if you were to sell it, your best bet would be asking people to offer you a price on it and then you accept the highest one. :)
  6. Thanks for reply :) if this is the case i would be most likely to sell mine atm.
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