[ Price Check ] Purple People Party Paper and Used Rudolph

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  1. The purple people party paper was given out at the 80k member drop party by Maxarias. There are only 16 in existence. There are only 32 Purple Aikar heads and I've seen them go for 400k+ so I'm assuming this item should be worth more.

    The Rudolph is a promotional item given out in the 2013 Holiday season. I know absolutely nothing about it since I'm not a big horse guy :p All I know is that I've seen unused Rudolph's go for 50k+

  2. Rudolph is about 50,000r...
  3. So there isn't much of a difference between used and unused?
  4. Maybe like 5,000r off if it is used...
  5. I would say anything from about 4-10k off of it if it is used, something around that, there is not too much difference but for some collectors, they like the unused shine to it :p

    As for the Paper, there is not enough of them around and not enough have been sold to make a firm price on it, but as you may had guessed, it would be in the hundreds of thousands :)
  6. I bought a used Rudolph for 10k.
  7. I would estimate around 750k for the Quadruple-P. :)
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  8. You made a good deal :p, depends on who is selling/buying...
  9. Unspawned Rudolph's are worth around 55k, and I've seen spawned ones go for around 45k-50k.
    However, it depends on the buyer, as some are willing to pay 55k for a spawned Rudolph because they're going to spawn it anyways.
    Hope that helped :)
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