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  1. Some promos I have and I dont know the value of them:
    Marlix armour
    starter set (full latest version, inc tools)
    starter boots (v1)
    starter horse
    cooked turkey
    pot o' gold
    dargon fragments
    dragon stone
    chicken skewer
    vault voucher
    soul bound bread
    soul bound torches
    soul bound spawn eggs
    momentous tooth pick
    dragon poop
    please comment the prices
  2. I believe cooked turkey is 400r per approximately.
    Chicken skewer is 30k I think.
    Don't quote me on these though...
  3. bump the chicken skewer is gone
  4. I buy a few of those items at 8909 smp4!
  5. i sold my 2 dragon poops to you
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  6. How many of each do you have?

    EDIT: Sorry thought you were selling :oops:
  7. I have 10 cow 10 sheep, How much are they worth?
  8. Not sure to be honest. I've offered people a usual amount before but it was most likely more then they were worth.
  9. how much was that?