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Should I Auction These or have a [Selling] thread?

Auction 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Selling Thread 6 vote(s) 85.7%
  1. Hey emc,
    I am terrible at pricing stuff, especially promos.
    So if you guys could give me a total price of what they are worth and a price for each item.
    Thanks! :)

    Avalauncher x2
    Blizz Ard Nose x2
    Lucky Bow
    Cupids Bow- used
    Empire Firework 2014 x3
    Cupids Bow
    Shiny Arrow x145
    Taste The Freedom Steak- x75
    x2 ICC Flesh
    Vault Voucher x4
    E.S.C.D x2
    2014 Labour Bench x4
    4th Of July Firework x5
    Cooked Turkey x77
    2014 Birthday Cake x3
    Freedom Blade
    Freedom Blade- used
    Independence Helmet x2
    Independence Pants x2
    Independence Boots
    Independence Chest
    Feast For A King x4
    Headless Horseman Mask x3
    2013 Empire Firework
    Valens - used
    Ham Hacker x2
    2013 Haunted Head
    Turkey Slicer 2013
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Chickeneer head
    Cupids Arrow x4 Stacks
    Love Potion No.9
    15 Dragon Fragments
    Cupid Bundle Chest
    Netherhound x2
    Stable Voucher x3
    2013 Labour Bench
    Spooky Egg x2
    ICC Skin x3
    Maxarian Head
    Independence Day Firework x4
    Second Chance Book
    Holiday Candle x3
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  2. To clear things up: I am considering selling them, However the purpose of this this thread is for a price check on the promos.
  3. Everything I post will be unit price and not total:
    Avalauncher x2 - 250,000r
    Blizz Ard Nose x2 - 200,000r
    Lucky Bow - 33,000r
    Cupids Bow- used - 5,000r
    Empire Firework 2014 x3 - 18,000r
    Cupids Bow - 10,000r
    Shiny Arrow x145 - 10r
    Taste The Freedom Steak- x75 - 1,000r
    x2 ICC Flesh - 4,000r
    Vault Voucher x4 - 12,000r
    E.S.C.D x2 - 30,000r
    2014 Labour Bench x4 - 20,000r
    4th Of July Firework x5 - 18,000r
    Cooked Turkey x77 - 700r
    2014 Birthday Cake x3 -10,000r
    Freedom Blade - 32,000
    Freedom Blade- used - 6,000r
    Independence Helmet x2 - 45,000r
    Independence Pants x2 - 45,000r
    Independence Boots - 45,000r
    Independence Chest (if you mean chestplate - 45,000r but if you meant chest - 65,000r)
    Feast For A King x4 - 20,000r
    Headless Horseman Mask x3 - 25,000r
    2013 Empire Firework - 25,000r
    Valens - used - 50,000r
    Ham Hacker x2 -27,500r
    2013 Haunted Head - 33,000r
    Turkey Slicer 2013 - 50,000r
    Magical Eggcellent Wand - 20,000r
    Dancer -35,000r
    Chickeneer head - I'm not sure
    Cupids Arrow x4 Stacks - 2,000r per stack
    Love Potion No.9 - 20,000r-50,000r
    15 Dragon Fragments - 1,400r
    Cupid Bundle Chest - 55,000r
    Netherhound x2 - 70,000r
    Stable Voucher x3 - 11,000r
    2013 Labour Bench - 25,000r
    Spooky Egg x2 - 30,000r
    ICC Skin x3 - 4,000r
    Maxarian Head - 18,000r
    Independence Day Firework x4 - 18,000r
    Second Chance Book - 5,000r
    Holiday Candle x3 - 7,000r
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