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  1. vault.png This is my vault of promos, I would appreciate if someone could tell me both, the TOTAL price and the INDIVIDUAL price of these.

    1 Valens (used)
    1 Incitatus (unused) 65k
    1 Saltar (used)
    2 Rudolph (used) 50k
    2 Magical Eggcelent Wands 25k
    1 Remembrance Poppy 15k
    5 IcecreamCow Skin 5k
    5 IcecreamCow Flesh 5k
    1 Starter Pickaxe (unused ) 500r
    1 Starter Axe (unused ) 500r
    1 Starter chestplate, leggings, and boots (unused ) 1k
    7 Maxarian Heads 25k
    1 Aikar 12/23/13 12ok
    2 Headless Horseman Masks 26k
    1 Haunted Head 38k
    1 Spooky egg (unused) 35k
    1 Holiday Candle 10k
    2 Labour Bench ( 2014 ) 18k
    1 Labour Bench (2013 ) 35k
    1 Birthday Cake (2014) 20k
    1 Stable Voucher 12k
    1 Empire Firework 4th of July ( 2013 ) 29k
    3 Empire Firework New Years ( 2013 )
    2 Independence Day Firework ( 2014 ) 23k
    Independence Day Firework (2013 ) 25k
    2 Freedom blade 2014 <<< DO NOT CLAIM : CLAIM CHEST ABOVE >>> (unused) 30k
    1 Set of I Day Armour (Normal) (unused) 140k
    1 I day Helmet <<< DO NOT CLAIM : CLAIM CHEST ABOVE >>> (unused) 50k
    16 Taste the Freedom 2k each
    2 Turkey Slicer 2013 (UNUSED) 50k
    2 Ham Hacker 2014 (unused) 20k
    5 Cooked Turkey 2k each
    3 Feast for a King 30k
    1 Netherhound 65k

    And last but not least, my precious.......

    THE OREBUSTER! (ONLY 1) 150k

    If you have time to help me, please comment below!

    Oh, I also forgot to mention a SC full of unused Lucky bows!
  2. Ore buster 100-150K

    Turkey slicer 30

    I am interested. So if you are selling find me ingame and we can talk :)
  3. I think I will be auctioning these during the Christmas Holidays! Be ready! oh and BUMP!
  4. Holiday candle 3-5k
    Ham Hacker (2014) 17-25k
    Stable voucher 10-15k
    Spooky egg 15-25k
    Starter axe 10-15k
    Starter pickaxe 10-15k
    Starter boots 5-10k
    Starter leggings 5-10k
    Starter chestplate 5-10k
    Hope im accurate and i hope this helps!
  5. Thanks you were very helpful I just wish people would fill out this for me though!
  6. My best guesses:

    All those prices are per unit, so like 16-32k for all your Taste the Freedom.
    Are you willing to sell the Saltar, Incitatus, or Valens?
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  7. All Promos will be sold very soon! I'm going to do a vote soon aswell as to how I will auction these items off!
  8. Do you mean the prices are for 1 of the items or all of the items stated example,
    2 Ham Hocker 2014 (unused) - ≥20k

    Does that mean 20k for one of the ham hackers or both?
  9. so you are saying 25k for a SC full of lucky bows?