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  1. Could anyone tell me how much each promo bellow is worth:

    Independence day firework
    Haunted Heads
    Turkey Cutter
    Labor Day Benches
    Maxarian Heads
    Lucky Bows
    Cupid Bows
    Unused Saltar
  2. There is several other threads with people selling promos and auctions going on now. You could base their "worth " on that
  3. Independence day firework: 15,000 rupees
    Haunted Heads: 22,000 rupees
    Turkey Cutter: 26,000 rupees
    Labor Day Benches: 18,000 rupees
    Maxarian Heads: 11,000 rupees
    Lucky Bows: 20,000 rupees
    Cupid Bows: 14,000 rupees
    Unused Saltar: 35,000 rupees
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