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  1. Yeah G'day fellow EMC players.
    I have been inactive for a while, and just wondered if you could give me a rough idea on the worth of the following promos.

    Love Potion No.09
    Cupid Bundle 2015
    Headless Horseman Mask 2014
    Labour Bench 2013
    Spooky Egg
    IcecreamCow Skin
    Trick or Treat Bundle 2015
    Birthday Cookie 2015
    Blizz Ard Nose
    Birthday Cake 2015
    Avalauncher 2014
    Holiday Candle 2014
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    Super Dragon Poop
    Pi Pie
    Cupid Egg
    Cupids Bow
    Chicken Skewer
    Feast for a King
    Lucky Bow
    Taste the Freedom Steak
    IcecreamCow Flesh
    Labor Bench 2014
    Cooked Turkey
    Birthday Cake 2014
    Freedom Blade 2014
    Meteor Bow
    New Years 2013 firework
    Ham Hacker 2014
    Haunted Head 2013
    Turkey Slicer
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Dancer 2014

    Sorry for the change in colours, my computer is being a silly sausage.

  2. Love Potion No.09-90k?
    Cupid Bundle 2015-60k
    Headless Horseman Mask 2014-45k?
    Labour Bench 2013-25k?
    Spooky Egg-no clue
    IcecreamCow Skin-5k
    Trick or Treat Bundle 2015-60k
    Birthday Cookie 2015-15k?
    Blizz Ard Nose-35k
    Birthday Cake 2015-15k
    Avalauncher 2014-60k?
    Holiday Candle 2014-18k
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device-35k
    Super Dragon Poop-no clue
    Pi Pie-20k
    Cupid Egg-no clue
    Cupids Bow-never shot (no unbreakable)? or used (unbreakable)
    Chicken Skewer-35k
    Feast for a King-20k
    Lucky Bow-95k
    Taste the Freedom Steak-5k per?
    IcecreamCow Flesh-5-6k
    Labor Bench 2014-19k
    Cooked Turkey-850-1000r
    Birthday Cake 2014-20k
    Freedom Blade 2014-85k
    Meteor Bow-12k
    New Years 2013 firework-no clue
    Ham Hacker 2014 no clue
    Haunted Head 2013 no clue
    Turkey Slicer 35k
    Magical Eggcellent Wand 20k?
    Dancer 2014 75k?
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  3. thread closed (as requested)
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