[Price Check] Promo Collection

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by cul1002, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I would like to know the price of my promos [listed below]. Also, if you are interested in a specific item, you can PM me, and we can negotiate.

    2x Maxarian Head
    8x Pot o' gold
    1x cupid bow No Damage
    1x full Independence Day 2014 Armor set ALL No Damage
    2x Freedom Blade No Damage
    1x Freedom Blade Do Not Claim No Damage
    1x Freedom Blade In chest No Damage
    1x IcecreamCow Skin
    1x Unopened Spooky Egg
    1x Labor Bench
    1x Remembrance Poppy
    2x Ham Hacker No Damage
    1x Independence day firework
    1x Feast for a king
    2x 2014 EMC New Years Firework
    4x Headless Horseman Masks
    1x 2014 EMC Birthday Cake
    1x Cooked turkey
    1x Holiday Candle
    1x Taste of Freedom
    2x ESCD No Damage
    1x Unopened Dancer Horse
    1x Avalauncher
    1x Haunted head
    1x Holiday Pick
    1x Love Potion No.9
    1x Lucky Bow Only Used Once
    1x 2013 EMC New Years Firework
    1x Turkey Slicer No Damage
    1x Cupid Bundle
    3x Pi Pies
    2x Eggcellent Wands
    2x Vault Voucher
    1x Dragon Stone
    2x Full Sets of Starter Equipment ALL NO Damage
    1x Gold Supporter Voucher
    1x Ham Hacker Only used Once
    1x Marlix's Helmet No Damage
    1x Full set of voters iron equipment