[Price Check] Potentially rare signed books

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  1. Hey guys, I have some cool signed books I got awhile back. I have one signed by krysyyjane when she was still senior staff( it confirms that in the book), and one by ignoramoose who is super derelict so I assume he didn't sign many, a bunch of previous moderators and some current ones like JackBiggin, Bonzd67, Chickeneer, DeathTomb8953, Bitemenow15, Dwight5273, AZHamster, 5weety, EdmundWayne, R0bbieJoe, Damiensmom11, and I just realized senior staff Gamekribjim, and I realized I have another signed by krysyy with a big purple "KJ" out of 9s and 1s. SO I feel like some of these are pretty rare/valuable but I don't know. What are these worth guys? :) (if your wanting to buy some ask me to add me to the PM)
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  2. Ummm...

    A lot.
  3. Seriously?
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  4. Definitely the GameKribjim book will be high in value depending on the buyer. A esimated base price would be around 500k
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  5. I am not sure exactly, as my price judgement is off, but I know they are worth a lot. If I were you, I'd keep them as collector's mementos.
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  7. I totally agree, that is history in EMC itself
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  8. Okay the gamekribjim book aside, how about like The krysyy and ignoramoose ones
  9. There were tons of people who have books like those. Personally, I have 4 of each.
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  10. I have lots of old signed books too. Lots of the old mods gave out a lot of books to anyone that asked, but some made them more special. It's hard to price these because you don't see them for sale a lot - most people that have them would rather keep them. It's ultimately down to what somebody would pay for one, seeing as how there's no solid price on any of them really.

    The main thing to keep in mind is that some of them are rarer than others - for example, ex-staff and people that don't release their books in large numbers will be worth more than those that either are staff now or do give their books out a lot. I'm sorry I can't be accurate on any prices, but that's the thing that you have to remember if you are going to sell any of these.

    People like GameKribJim and JackBiggin used to sign books quite a lot if you handed them a book and quill, and people like Krysyy commonly gave them out at events and signed them too (I think I have about 6 or 7 Krysyy books, spanning from mod all the way up to community manager :p), but others like Deathtomb's were held onto and not many were signed. It's all down to rarity and the supply/demand for the book.

    If you need anything extra said then feel free to ask, but I don't think that it's fair to put a price on any of these books. I personally wouldn't sell any of mine unless I had extras of them :)
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  11. A lot of staff members don't like their signatures being sold, more so if they're personalized/you asked them to do it and they did it for free.
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