[Price check] Ore Busters.

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  1. Title says it all what's the price of ore busters sitting at?
  2. It's been recently rising to 80-100k and is showing no signs of stopping.
    Fun fact: If you use all of the ore buster on diamond ore, you would get about 20000 diamonds, worth about 1.3mil at 66r per.
    And to think they were sold for 6k last year...
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  3. Lol well that's what I use one of my spare ore busters on its diamond ore : P and I have 2-3 for a rainy day. Thanks for the price check nick
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  4. I seek someone by the name of Alex currently buying them for 105k ;)
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  5. Yea, ore buster price is rising quickly :) but it'll top out soon enough.

    The talk of valuing an ore buster against diamond ore is a little far fetched however. first you need to get 20k ore to use it on. And that'll take ages. You'll only ever need 1 ore buster in your entire EMC life. :)

    So perhaps paying 100k for an item who's sole purpose is to break diamond ore is a good investment for a mall owner, or hardcore miner. :)

    I can't wait for another fortune V pick to be released as a promo, and watch ore buster price plummet :)
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  6. If there is another, however! ;)
  7. You can currently sell your Orebusters to me at 9001 :)
    I update my signature regularly, so just take a look down there for prices or visit us on smp4!
  8. I guess I bought 10 to many :(