[Price check] Ore Buster

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  1. jus wondering
  2. I just saw one for sale for 450k.
  3. Price dropped due to /event
    Give it a couple months and it'll go back up of course,
  4. could you get an ore buster at the event?
  5. It's a very low chance of getting one, but you can if you open one of the more "extreme" chests :)

    Values are at about 400-500k as of right now from what I've seen!
  6. SOOOoooooo stupid, now collectors collections are worth considerably less.
    the ore buster was supposed to be a one time only thing for 60k members.
    smh Aikar and EMC management
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  7. Not many people will find one from /event. The price will drop but in a month or two after the event the price will not be any different. Promo collections will not be lowered in value.
  8. And I completely agree... what is old/rare should stay old and rare... because if they can giveaway orebusters why not eggnogs, ICC suits, and other super old stuff :confused:
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  9. I sold one this week for 550k
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  10. Certain items are controlled quantity and certain others are not. The ones that are old promos/event items are not controlled items unless specifically only created in a certain quantity.
  11. And Ore Buster not being one of the controlled quantities right Krysyy?
  12. ok fine, but it still is a little unfair to some collectors BUT, you make the rules krysyy so what you say is the law :D
  13. correct

    we bring back the cupid's bow because we want people to USE them, etc

    People use orebusters and there really aren't going to be that much released as a result of this one event. Imagine it being all the orebusters lost to derelict over the years =)
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  14. 300k-550k Depends on buyer

    Also Day 1000 Players Do all chests. only 250 might get a ore buster(1/4) Now Say Half Them Are by Players Who dont know or care there valueble use them. that 150 left, 150 รท 400k is 0.000375 thats not alot per person :p
  15. if the chances of getting one why did i get 3(i have more than 1 account)
  16. You literally just answered your own question - it's because you have more than one account.
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