[Price Check] Ore Buster

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Mman, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. So I got an Ore Buster and I want to know what it's worth.
    Do Not PM me with offers, I just want a price check.
  2. About 23-25k. :)
    Edit: Ninja'd by Storm, I'm probably wrong.
  3. Some weeks ago I just saw an auction for going about 40-50k, I don't remember...
  4. 30-35k
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  5. Darn, I bought an ore buster for like 60k. Now it feels like a rip off :(
  6. Thanks for wanting to resell!
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  7. Mine have sold between 29-35k
    Just experience your results may differ
  8. What did you expect me to do rhino? I already have one in my museum.
  9. Technically you did too...
    Seeing you bought it for 6k
    Why should time make a difference?
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  10. Oh im quite alright with this im glad you didnt store it away like some people do
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  11. i still have 9 of these hidden away i wonder if they will ever come out again?
  12. just hold onto it and value will go up
  13. The question is: When do you sell?
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  14. no the question is how much is it worth right now?
  15. When you feel like copy and pasting the last auction you did :p
  16. A long time from now