Price Check on enchanted Bow

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  1. Just enchanted a bow and got: Infinity I, Flame I, Punch II and Power IV.

    Could anyone give me a rough price on this?
  2. I don't think I've ever seen one with 4 enchants being sold on EMC. That's a pretty rare bow, I'm not sure how sought-after those enchants are, auctioning it might be your best option. I think awtharok will want to know about it, he collects enchanted items :)
  3. DON'T SELL IT FOR 1K! It should go for at least 5K
  4. Thanks Apamment. I was going to auction it, just wasn't sure where to start the auction off at.

    @ Legit: lol.
  5. just start at what you want to get for it, the worst that could happen is no one bids and you don't lose anything, otherwise it can only go up from there :)
  6. Right, that makes sense. Thanks Apamment. :) I will give that collector a PM first to see if he wants it.
  7. ill buy now for 5k
  8. I am not openly selling this item at the moment. I will most likely be auctioning it later tonight.