[PRICE CHECK] not special dirt

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  1. "Not special dirt"

    Not totally sure where these came from. They are called out in the auction page as requiring a DC quantity so I assume they are something official and not simply renamed dirt blocks.

    I have some.

    Are they special or not special?
  2. They are special, but they are more of a gag promo. Since they don't have any special tags, they can be replicated in anvils and are worth the same price as regular dirt.
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  3. Hm ok, guess I'll lock in a high price with that collector before they read this thread ;)
  4. The fact that you made this, said the above comment, then pm'd me doesn't lead me to believe you're the trustworthy type of person that has actual not special dirt rather than just dirt you renamed. No thanks.
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  5. Oh come on, it was a joke. I saw it was on your collection list and I thought, "oh I could help her with that".
  6. Not special dirt is literally not special dirt. It's simply renamed dirt released through /promo. So, technically, it is worth the price of the enchant bottles used to name it.
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  7. So how many levels does it take to rename 1 piece of dirt?
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  8. This right here is the most awful thing you could have said. I guarantee the person you were talking to already knew that they are reproduceable. The only thing you just basically ironed out is the fact that you're totally willing to rip off an unknowing collector - a horrible thing to do. You basically said that you acknowledge that it is worth next to nothing and you're still willing to take someone else's hard earned money for it.
    Right on.
    Yeah right. You can't pull that card after already saying the first thing I quoted.
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  9. I have 6 pieces. I'll give you a bulk discount on the other 5.

    If you need more I can probably 'find' some from...a friend of mine.

    *evil laugh*
  10. ...and sold. Thanks, everyone!