[PRICE CHECK] Nether Quartz Ore

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  1. Hey guys, I have a few double chests of Nether Quartz Ore. I was curious what players were willing to pay for a double chest of ores.

  2. I would pay 53k per DC. That's the quartz I could get from them with fortune 3.
  3. Quartz is sold out at nearly every mall and shop. I doubt you'd find a DC for less than 100k
  4. Quartz flakes or quartz blocks?
  5. Well anyways, in my opinion quartz is underpriced and quartz ore is overpriced. What do you do with quartz ore other than making quartz? A quartz ore castle?
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  7. You also get the xp.
    The fortune you use will vary how many blocks you get out of it.
    It is also 'harder' to get quartz ore as it requires more trips to the nether, as compared to getting blocks out of the nether (more compact)

    As to what people do with all the ore, I have no clue.
    All the quartz ore in the mall I help out in, sold immediately, while the blocks sold 'quickly'.
  8. Yes, you get the XP.

    The variance in the output is a risk. It's a disadvantage.

    You get about 5 stacks of quartz blocks per hour. Your inventory will be full after ~25 stacks, or 5 hours. It takes maybe 20 minutes to go back. Ore takes up 81% more space, so you would have to go back 81% more often. So call it an extra 17 minutes per 5:20 of mining. So that's only a 5.3% time increase.

    It also takes time to break the quartz ores, and uses up your pickaxe. I sure hope people are not using their ore busters on quartz ores thinking they're clever, because those cost about 25-30r/use and you will only get 1 quartz per ore extra on average. Using holiday pick is still a slight loss, paying about 5.5r/use for half a quartz flake. So really fortune 3 is the best option with the highest return.
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  10. Agreed with the rest, but I am scratchin my head on this one a little.

    Lets just forget about fortune effects for the time being.
    If you condense quartz ore into blocks, then you can fit 4x the amount into your inventory.

    So, if you were getting ore instead of quartz blocks, wouldn't you have to make the round-trip four times as often for the same amount of material?

    Meaning that if if it takes you 20 minutes to get there, 20 minutes back, one round trip is 40 minutes.
    Making this trip four times, give you travel times of 160 minutes for the ore (or two hours, 40 minutes)... not 17 minutes? Or did you mean that the three additional trips out there totaled 17 minutes?

    Just tryin to follow your meaning.

    (P.S. This is not factoring in all the time I run about the nether cause I get lost :(.)

    Anyhow, back to the original question as not to get sidetracked...
    I was curious what players were willing to pay for a double chest of ores.
  11. Without the fortune effect, sure. But who is going to break quartz ores without fortune and give up an instant 1.2 quartz flakes? So you have to account for fortune.

    1 Quartz Ore => 2.2 Quartz Flakes => 0.55 Quartz Blocks.
    Or inversely,
    1.81 Quartz Ore => 4 Quartz Flakes => 1 Quartz Block.

    You can fit 81% less quartz ore than you could quartz blocks, so you have to go back to town 81% more often. Thus, your travel time increases 81% on average over the long run.

    20 minutes is round trip. You can use ender chests and suicide to avoid one side of the trip, or simply carry twice as much material.

    81% of 20 minutes is about 17 minutes.