[Price Check] My promos

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  1. Not Buy/Selling them, so please be serious
    also miscs

    Avalauncher x2
    Bilzz nose x2
    6 Stack of cooked turkey
    netherhound x1
    used insitus x1
    used dancer x1
    ESCD (1/1561)
    2014 Turkey slicer (761/1561)
    Hoilday candle x2
    Marlix bow (almost full durabilty)
    2015 new year firework
    vault voucher x2
    stable voucher x4
    Feast for a king x4
    Marxican head x1
    2014 labor bench x1
    eggcellent egginfial wand x1
    Rememberable poppy x1
    Dragon Stone x5
    Second Chance book x1
    1DC of quartz block and glowstone
    7 diamond horse armour
    Tales of Ethernia x1

    Flaming Mob launcher x1
    ESCD x2
    dancer x1
    2014 Turkey Slicer x11 (Not typo)
    Lucky Bow x2
    Ham hacker x3
    Freedom blade x1
    cupids bow x1

    Please tell price of each items, than thanks a lot!

    ps. 50 days of EMC
  2. While some of these have prices that are even across the board, others vary wildly. I'm just going to tell you ranges of what I would try to sell mine for. That might put them on the high end, since I try to sell my promos to their final owner or long term investors to maximize my own money. In some cases I'll just throw the whole range I see stuff selling for. Used promos are really hard to price, so I'm essentially making up numbers there. Prices are per individual items.

    Those are my best guesses.
    I know you said you're not selling, but I am interested in buying quartz, tales of eternia, used marlix bow, or flaming mob launcher (and pretty much anything else you want to sell cheaper than I said). I'd even overpay for the bow. Just message me or something if you do decide to sell, please. :D
  3. thanks for answer! Unfoutunally to you, No items for sale now
    about 2.8M worth..
  4. hi