[Price Check] Momentus Helmet

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by NetherSpecter, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Just trying to get a solid price on this. There's been two auctions recently where they sold for 61k then the one before those sold for 150k. So just trying to figure it out.
  2. I've sold one for 250k, 150k, and 50k in auctions so i really couldn't tell you.
  3. Since the stop of the over spawning of mini bosses update these drops will go up in value. initially their were 700k on the first ever auction but then dropped and stabilised at 250k. Then the over spawning dropped it to about 125k. So currently i would value this item at 150-175k.
  4. I can't step foot into the waste without running into a Momentous or Marlix.....still seem to be plenty to go around.
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