Price check, Mob Arena parkour book

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  1. Just wondering how much this is including it is signed by maxarias :D
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  2. 4k + how much of your life you've wasted on it
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  3. I thought it only costs 2k?
  4. It does but that's if u beat the parkour >:D
  5. Meh, not unique so its not worth much. Maybe 2.5k if you can find a buyer who wants one.
  6. I have spent 10 hours solid on this parkour and haven't beat it.. 500r profit is nothing lol
  7. ~2k, since one person could buy tons of it, and, as an Empire Shop, it's infinite.
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  8. Am I right in thinking the content of the book may make an impact on price?
    This is true however.
  9. but only parkour masters may succeed :D
  10. 99% of those who truly care about what is in the book due to its difficulty of obtaining will try to get it from the parkour, and won't be satisfied with a copy someone else bought. Then there are the players who recognize that the book isn't unique in any way, and will pay very little extra to get one.
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  11. Parkour masters could also buy twenty and ruin that books economy :p
  12. I will buy it for 4k if you want to sell it :p