[Price Check] Meteor Bow

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  1. how much is a meteor bow worth these days?
  2. Around about 15k per :)
  3. I'm not Anon, but she is my girlfriend! ;) This is if you're referring to AnonReturns, that is! :rolleyes:
  4. Why is the Meteor Bow so low in price? I thought they were worth 50k
  5. Are you thinking about the Lucky Bow, perhaps, which is closer to the worth of 100k now? I know promo shops that have the Meteor Bow in stock at 17-18k, so I'd say that 15k is a reasonable price for it (currently).
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  6. Fendy is correct. I sell them for about 15k apiece, which is the most reasonable price. Blondekid, not sure where you got 50k from, I'd think you may have thought of Cupid's Bows. They can occasionally be sold for 50k. If you are buying Meteor Bows for 50k, you are definitely getting ripped off.
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  7. If you are paying 50k for Cupid's Bow then you're getting ripped off too, I'd say that Cupid Bows go for 15-20k at max!
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  8. sorry i was to busy reading your banner at the time XD
  9. Fair enough - remember the big bold name underneath the avatar! :p
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  10. I never bought one that high lol I got mine for 16k a month ago :p

    As for the Cupid Bow, only the un-updated one with Unbreaking III should be worth 50k now. Mostly due to Aikar's amazing update to them.
  11. They only update if you shoot them. I have shot none of mine, so all of mine are still un-updated Unbreaking ones. I got all of them from all 3 releases, and I'm sure many others have done the same as me, so I doubt that you could get 50k for one. But if someone does... prove me wrong :p
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