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  1. Could anyone tell me how much each promo bellow is worth:

    Independence day firework
    Haunted Heads
    Turkey Cutter
    Labor Day Benches
    Maxarian Heads
    Lucky Bows
    Cupid Bows
    Unused Saltar
  2. Independence day: 10-15k
    Haunted Heads: 10k
    Turkey Slicer: 10-15k
    Labor Day Benches: 10k
    Maxarian Heads: 6-8k (hard ot put a firm price on it as of yet)
    Lucky Bows: 15k
    Cupid Bows: 12k
    Unused Saltar: 20k
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  3. What FDNY said, but idays are only worth about 9k really, so price them 12k or so for te noobs. :p
    Maxarian Heads will at least be 10k, but if you haven't got the book yet then you should buy it so you could sell it back off for 10k minimum profit later.
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  4. What book are you referring to?
  5. I've seen them go for 6-8k recent
  6. Maxarias signature available for purchase for 15k at EMC store.
  7. FDNY. would you maintain a thread with current values on all promos and special items? (inc. fragments, and other custom stuff)?

    I'd do it, but i don't trade in promos.
  8. I have not seen any that low for a while personally :p
    That would be quite hard to do and I am not so sure how to do it, especially with some custom items which are valued by how much someone would pay for it rather than the average prices, if you know what I mean :p
  9. Just a list really. and update the price when it changes significantly
    For items that can vary, just write that, and briefly explain why?

    Sorry, hijacking this thread, i'll PM you FDNY
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  10. I've seen lucky bows go for 20k so I'd actually average it out to maybe 18k. But personally I would not sell my lucky bow lower than 20k
  11. Just go to a mall and subtract a third of the price there. That is ushually accurate. >.>
  12. Usually they're worth about 10k-20k each. But that's just my opinion.
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