[Price Check] Lots of DCs of stuff and stuff

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  1. Please respond with as many prices that you can estimate! :D

    DC of blaze rods
    DC of quartz flakes
    DC of quartz ore
    DC of quartz blocks
    DC of podzol
    DC of glowstone
    DC of mycelium
    DC of steak
    DC of nether brick
    DC of netherrack
    DC of ghast tears

    I think that's all :D
  2. I know that netherack is cheap but don't know a dc worth price...sorry neon:oops:
  3. Find the price of one times by 54 times by 64.
  4. DC of Quartz blocks and ore is 100k
  5. DC of ghast tears? Dang man...
  6. Okay the nether tears is the only slightly unrealistic one :p But since it was nether-related, and I'm a nether expert (Hey kinda like you!) I wanted to throw it up there. Plus I'm sure it'd be possible.

    Also, getting a judgement by multiplying the price by 54 and 64 does not give a reliable price estimate. It's more of what people are willing to pay, or have paid in the past for something in bulk, which is entirely different from an individual sale multiplied by 3,456. Not to be all know-it-all-ish or rude though, even though I know I come off like that sometimes. :D

    And thanks for your guys' responses :)
  7. The price depends if you are selling or buying and how quickly you want to complete the sale. These are the prices that I would pay for your stuff immediately if you are selling.

    DC of blaze rods: 5.2k
    DC of quartz flakes: 24.2k
    DC of quartz ore: 53.2k
    DC of quartz blocks: 96.8k
    DC of podzol: 4.4k
    DC of glowstone: 55.3k
    DC of mycelium: 3.5k
    DC of steak: 5.2k
    DC of nether brick: 6.1k
    DC of netherrack: 0.9k
    DC of ghast tears: 120.9k
    Grand total: 375.7k

    And generally bulk sales are related to individual sales price around 1:1. However, if the item is highly demanded, you would pay a premium to be able to buy in bulk, and if it's in low demand, then you would expect a discounted price.