[Price Check] Krysyyjane's Thank you book

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  1. Just wondering how much Krysyyjane's Thank you book is going for or is going to go for. Also how many people have them.
  2. How many tons of people and gratz in this image.jpg
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  3. What do you mean.. There were only like 20 dropped. And thanks! :)
  4. Is this the same one she gave to everyone at her 2 year party?
  5. Yes, they were given out at a "left over drop party" type thing today :)
    There are a ton more out there from her 2 year party.
  6. Yes, the ones she just gave out tonight.
  7. Were there a couple 2 year parties?
  8. Those are (from what i know) left overs from their 2 year party. They aren't worth anything to most, but maybe worth more to collectors. In other words, they'd be worth the same as a regular written book.

    EDIT: and there are alot more than 20
  9. She only had one, but a lot were given out there. These are just the spares from that party. :)
  10. She thanks you and this is how you return it?
  11. I'm not going to sell it... I was wondering just how much there are and what are they going for..
  12. I would say they'd go for relatively cheap, keeping in mind the 2 year party has already happened a good bit ago, a lot of people have this. Its pretty much over its popularity. :p But hey, if you wanna sell it you can choose the price, but I cant guarantee that some one will buy it.