{PRICE CHECK} ItsMeMatheus' Custom Map

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Ultimate_GG, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. I was thinking of selling this to someone on smp2, or even giving it away, because I don't live on smp2 and maps can't be carried through vault. I'd like to find out a good price for this, and it'll be good advertising for Matheus. :p I'd even give it away, It doesn't matter.
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  2. Maps can be replicated, so I dont think this would be very expensive.
  3. If anyone wants it tell me and I'll meet up with you, I have no use of it, nor do I have anyone to give it to
  4. I'll be ok with it just put it in my mail And I'll pay you 50r
  5. I give those away for free for whoever wants it lol
  6. Ok I'll take one
  7. Meet me on SMP2. Keep in mind you can't vault maps
  8. Can you do it tommrrow? I can't come on tonight
  9. Sure, just pm me whenever you find me online
  10. Ok will do now we need to stop quoting each other :/