[PRICE CHECK] Items and farms (will be used later)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by JZH1000, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. I need prices for these things!
    • Max Head
  2. Spruce farm probably 5k, not very difficult to build.
    Book - 17-20k atm
    Rudolph - 22-25k
    Eggnog- 150-200k
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  3. Bump updated OP!
  4. Voucher- 13-17k
    Pistons- 7-9r per
    Redstone- 2-4 per dust
  5. Bump Updated!
  6. normal dragon poop - 25k-30k
    labor bench - 12-15k
  7. Would ICC being demoted increase the value of poop maybe 27 - 33k?
  8. no, other staff can still drop it and there is a lot in circulation - but all promos go up over time
  9. Bump want more people telling me! One source is not enough.
  10. ICC Eggnog, well I think the Orebuster is the most valuable promo so I would price the nog at 95 - 120k but it's normally sold for 180 - 220k dunno why
  11. Max Head, mhhm 6 - 10k