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  1. I heard since Aikars post on economy trouble or whatever that iron ingots are now 4-6 rupees each and diamonds are 63-70 rupees each. Can anyone Confirm this?
  2. That didn't end up getting implemented to my knowledge. I believe iron is still 2-3r and diamonds are 60r. :)
  3. I'd say even higher for both. Since iron was taken out of the economy by hoarders, I'd up it to even 4 rupees a piece. As for diamonds, I'd say 65-70 at the moment. :)
  4. *Hides DC of iron blocks behind back* Hoarders? What hoarders? :p
  5. I know that xHaro_Der is buying diamonds at 63r each which seems pretty fair. I thought that a lot of people would jump to buying iron since the news of 1.8. Has a lot of gold been bought recently?
  6. Well, he took 2 whole double chests out of the economy, so, they rose even more in price. As for gold, I think it remains at the constant 10-12 rupees. :)
  7. Ahh I see. Thank you! How much do you think emeralds are going to go for after 1.8?
  8. I actually dented the economy? Woohoo
  9. You go girl. ;)
  10. Umm, i dont understand why any prices will go up, considering iron and gold farms are now not nerfed to my knowledge. The only nerfing will come from aikar with afk rules.
  11. Iron Farms will be broken in 1.8. So thats the hordes of iron coming in. I don't know why the diamond has but not the gold. I know lapis has doubled :confused:, you will need lapis to enchant. Also stock up on Xp bottles, it will be ALOT harder to get xp in 1.8, and I mean a lot. Also Good Enchantments will be almost impossible considering the new max for enchanting tables in 3 levels. -.- so yeah...

    Can someone tell me why the hordes of diamonds?

    Check List :
    Horde Iron, ( 2-10 DCs, XD Large Range ) CHECK
    Horde Poppys for no apparent reason XD, Check!
    Horde Lapis ( Dcs ) Not Check :( Cant find any, Say your shop!
    Horde Xp Bottles - In the works...
    Other Stuff...
  12. It only takes ONE piece of lapis to enchant; not a big deal. Iron won't be nerfed as a campaign against it caused Jeb to reverse that. Iron/gold unaffected by Mojang but afk rules will make it a hard hit as a lot of people afk all day.
  13. *I am hoarding iron* :cool:
    But why the hordes of diamond? :p :eek:
  14. Those afk rules have been in place the whole time, the staff has just been lax in enforcing them.
  15. because why not
  16. Glad I have like 3 stacks of gold blocks and one of diamond lol :p
  17. I think I have hoarded enough. I was trying to anticipate how much i'd need to build all the things I wanted. And I suspect others are in the same boat.But we should all have enough for what we want. Any further hoarding is an 'investment' in the future. So they can sell for more later.

    Iron should never have fallen so low. IMO. It IS easily afk farmable, but it's also very high demand. Everyone needs Iron for something. So I'll be moving my price to 4r per ingot. I might run some auctions to test the market.

    4r for Iron

    I've looked around myself, and heard from others on Diamonds. Finding any selling for less than 70r is rare. I am happy to buy them for 70r. I'm happy to pay more in the future also. And it's nothing todo with how easy/hard they are to get. The value of a diamond to me, is how much I can get from that diamond in work.
    3 diamonds get's me 1.5 DC's of blocks. (Silk 1, unbrekaing 3, efficiency 5) Even if those blocks were Stone, i'd still earn and easy 1400 from them. The enchantment is a one-off cost, the repair costs 3 diamonds + 39 Levels each 1.5 DC's. So 210r for every 1.5DC's of blocks is fine by me.

    70r for Diamonds.

    EDIT: To give you an idea of how much I am 'hoarding'. I was planning on 12 2x2 beacon pyramids of iron blocks. So that alone is 216 x 12 = 2592 blocks = 40 Stacks (2/3 of a DC). Plus 1000's of hoppers, pistons, etc.
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  18. ...*slowly sneaks away with diamonds*
  19. I sell diamonds for 67r each at 1577 :D
  20. In the snapshot I'm playing (14w06b) it takes from 1 to 3 pieces of lapis to enchant in 1.8. One piece covers what used to be the 1-10 lvl range, two is the middle, and a top enchant takes three pieces. But you only use 1-3 lvls of experience in the 1.8 system. So, what used to be a lvl 30 enchant will now cost you 3 pieces of lapis and 3 lvls. XP doesn't seem to be any harder to get then in 1.7 and you'll need a lot less then you do currently. Repairing items uses the same as current, so you need lvls there. Still, not sure if XP bottles will be anymore necessary then now in 1.8. The big run is, and will be, on lapis.
    Also, books now come, as much as they do on any weapon/tool, with multiple enchants on them. You may get a book with sharp3, efficiency3, lure2. When used on a particular item only the enchants which may be placed on that type of item will be placed on it. A rod with the book mentioned will only get the lure2. It does offer flexibility, but it'll make an enchanted bookshop a tough place to stock/manage.
    I don't think iron prices should be going anywhere. People can hoard all they want, it'll still be produced by the community faster then it's used, even with afk rules in place. Maybe if the shop starts buying at 6r and sets a min price, but that whole shop buying thing will turn into a complex mess and you'll be lucky to see it in the next year. DT anyone?
    Diamonds are and will always be hard to get. The market is setting the price, as it should be. As long as ICC doesn't decide to throw out a bazillion D blocks at a drop we should be good ;)
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