[Price Check] ICC Valentines Day Head

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Percolate, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Yes, I have one. Unbelievable I know.
    If you have a good estimate drop a reply.
    Last estimate was 1.5 mil which was price checked in jan/feb of this year.
  2. Well any good collector will snatch that off you in an instant thus creating demand. I'd say maybe hitting the 2m-2.5m range about now. Even more if you get that sort of offer.
  3. I also have one, but this skele is keeping it not for sale :p
  4. Darn it lol

    Pm sent.
  5. Won mine in auction for (I think) 1.6 m. Was 1.5 back in January in this auction: here
  6. Good to know its in the 2-3 million zone. Bought mine fro 40k :)
  7. Got mine free
  8. same... then i sold it for only 500k like right after I got it :confused:
  9. I was buying/selling tons of them at around 40-50k each in the days following the event where they were distributed. I'd imagine it's way higher than that now.