[Price Check] Horses 130+

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  1. Just wanted to do a quick price check on horses with speed of 130 and up. Please just post what they are worth below
  2. Oh, about 40r. Do you have one for sale? I'll buy.
  3. Can't tell if trolling or you just really don't know.

    I have sold a good number of 130-130.99 speed horses for 10-12k per. 131 and 132s I am not sure about, but not overly expensive. 134+ is purely speculative, and is a case by case scenario.
  4. I love how your first instinct was to try and take advantage of an opportunity and scam someone. It really makes me sad because you are type of person that makes online games not fun anymore.
  5. I was just kidding. I assure you I wouldn't have actually bought any from him for anything but a fair price. I don't scam, ever.
  6. The more I think about your comment the more incensed I become. Obviously I was kidding, hence the ridiculously low price. MasterMockery I think you're the type of person that is so full of himself you sit waiting to criticize others. But I guess if you're from Narnia you can be that way.
  7. In general 130s are around 15k-20k. 3-5k more if not white? I'd check at /smp5 /v mrswishes
    She sells a lot and has good prices.

    I'm pretty sure 134s are around 40k?
    134s are about as high as you'll ever get in a store. They require higher speed breeders that can only be found in wild.
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  8. Prices at my shop:
    130 = 12k
    131 = 18k
    132 = 24k

    It gets much, much harder to breed above 132, so 133 I can't keep stocked and the price is much, much higher when I do happen to have one for sale.
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  9. Hello all !! lets try and keep it civil and on topic.
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  10. I sold a 136 for 100K and got offers for some of my 139's up to one million.
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  11. okay, well thanks everyone and i think i got two form you mrswishes. When i bought them from you i payed 12k and wanted to know if i payed a fair price or if it was above or below. Thanks for the help everyone and God_of_Gods, i am not full of myself, but if you want to think that way, you are entitled to that opinion.
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  12. :) I try to keep my prices in line with the other horse breeders. It would not be kind to them for me to price any lower because it does take quite a bit of time, patience, and gold carrots to get a 130 or higher. In the amount of time that it takes to randomly breed a rare, fast horse, a person could have earned a lot of rupees from mining or grinding for exp and enchanting, etc. Just voting every day will earn you over 1,000k with very little effort.

    Also, I sell inexpensive horses for those who don't want or can't afford the more rare 130+ speed. A nice 120 speed white horse is only 125 rupees in my shop and I also sell horses of lower speeds starting at 35 rupees.

    I hope you enjoy your horses! If you have any more questions, I would be happy to try to answer them. :)
  13. Thanks Mrswishes, i will probably be back for more horses later
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