[Price Check] Full Voters Set

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  1. Regardless of the name (though it's not mine) what would a full complete voters set go for? This is every single piece that is currently available.
  2. This includes the tools too right?
  3. Yeah. Every single item you can get from voting. Even the Thank You *name* paper.
  4. I think we've only seen one auction where the full set was auctioned, otherwise it's just been the armor. I believe the full set that auctioned went for a couple mil. I tried to find it in search but couldn't find it. It was probably a year ago or so.
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  5. Only one I found was this one: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-all-my-whole-voters-stuff.62536/

    But it wasn't everything.
  6. hmm that may have been the one I was thinking of

    I personally feel that it should be worth more than that to get the whole set though, regardless of the name but obviously if the name has meaning then that might add extra value. That's a lot of voting to get the whole set.
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  7. I would guess about what it went for with that auction. There is a very limited market because most people are more willing to vote than pay out 1.25 mil.

    I guess it's worth what someone would pay for it.
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  8. Anyone else have any comments?