[PRICE CHECK] Full Marlix's Armour

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What Should I Auction Next?

Marlix's Boots 2 vote(s) 28.6%
Stable Voucher + Vault Voucher 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Title. =P

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  2. It looks like the bows have lately gone for 50k each and the armor is about the same.

    I'd say a set with the bow would be 200-250 and without the bow would be 150-200.
  3. I sell the armor for about 65k a piece and the bow for 90k >_> and i get a fair bit of traffic in and out of my shop byeing the items
  4. Much lower, they used to be 110k per piece of arnour and 150k for the bow but now the armour is barely 70k...
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  5. I think i am a main contribute to the lowering of marlix gear.
  6. Plan for infinite money:
    Buy out DrMadFate's supply
    Sell on forums for higher price
  7. Also, I wonder if anyone has noticed my hidden message lol.
  8. Fascinating.
  9. the markets flooded with marlix stuff, id wait on selling until wither they go back up or you use them, cuz lets face it their awesome :)

    ALSO! It took me 2 1/2 weeks to sell 4 leggings 3 boots and 2 bows (which eventually went for 50k ea)
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  10. Yea you can blame me for flooding the market i went an hit it hard with marlix gear :/
  11. It wasnt just you it was all of us :)
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  12. Yea i sell them for 70k and under
  13. But not to discredit the constant auctions for them at 30-40k a piece :p
  14. This only started happening very recently... But you're right, the current price of the pieces are going for about this in auction :oops: