Price Check for A Spider Spawner

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  1. I was just wondering what the price for spider spawner coordinates would be?
  2. Depends. How far away from spawn? 2k blocks is the best. What type of spiders? Are they the poisonous kind?
  3. 500 blocks from a wastelands spawn (will tell which one if interested) not the poisonous kind either.
  4. The waste is getting reset quite soon (hopefully) so nobody will buy it till after the update and then it wont be there because they are reset..?
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  5. I would say that's worth about 500r. Roughly. If it was frontier, it would be a totally different story, but as FDNY stated above the waste will be reset soon, making the spawner of not much use. Not to mention that even if it was in the frontier, I hate spider spawners lol I would spend around 2500r on it, just for the sake of unlimited string and spider eyes.
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