[Price Check] Few Items

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  1. These are just a few items I have lying around and well they are of no use to me and I was just wondering how much I could potentially sell them off for.
    • Chickeneer Head
    • Rainbow Chin Head
    • Maxarian Head
    • Turkey Slicer 2014
    • Birthday Cake 2014
    • Birthday Cake 2015
    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Hope that helps :)
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    • Chickeneer Head - ?
    • Rainbow Chin Head - Standard head is worth 5-15k perhaps, quite common
    • Maxarian Head - 20k
    • Turkey Slicer 2014 - 50k
    • Birthday Cake 2014 - 15-20k
    • Birthday Cake 2015 - 5-10k
  3. You sure FD? I haven't seen a 2014 go for that in a long time. Maybe 2013?
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  4. 2014 was only available via killing Thanksgiving Turkeys, the 2013 one was a /promo, hence there are more 2013 ones around than 2014 ones. Both of them are worth about 50k, give or take a few thousand depending on the buyer and seller.
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