[PRICE CHECK] Feast Paper

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by colepuncher, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Hello, please tell me what the price would be of this item you call a "feast paper!!!" :p
  2. hmm about 2.8k
    thats accurate
    i swear
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  3. Around 25k, possibly.
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  4. pretty sure 17.5k actually, but we need more responses to see
  5. about 18k
  6. 17.5 was the average selling price during the event, but I'm pretty sure they went up...? I'm not sure though, but I expect you could push a bit more than 17.5k if you wanted to.
  7. Cool, I think 20k would be nice..
  8. I've seen it around 20-35k. Lol. I haven't seen anyone buy them for around 17k since the event.
    Could be way off too
  9. Woah baby, I've been seeing em go for up to 60k! But I think an appropriate price is 35k :p