[Price Check] Feast for a king

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by BanditLM, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Hey all, anyone know if the Feast for a King is worth anything? i have one and i'm not sure xD
  2. ignore my muddled letters in the title xD
  3. Fixed :)
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  4. I will give you 10k for it
  5. probably 25k not sure
  6. They go for around 20k now, though I expect they'll skyrocket after today.
  7. Awesome :D I'll make a shop to sell mine on smp6 soon I'll post details later
  8. I also have one. How do I sell it if I already took everything out the chest? It was only a letter and the food
  9. pm someone in game sell it like that :p
  10. im selling feast for a king on smp6 13293 :) come buy :p
  11. bump, prices for any of the 2014 stuff for thanksgiving?
  12. I thought they would be worth around 5k, because they aren't that hard to find.
  13. Ham Hacker is selling between 15,000r -20,000r as /shop still sells them, after it will go up.

    Feast for a king can be sold anywhere between 15,000 - 50,000r depending on the buyer. These will most likely drop in price for maybe a month or two then sky rocket back up.

    Cooked Turkey sells for around 1,500r - 3,500r as a competitive price.

    Turkey Slicer goes for pretty much 50,000r - 60,000r, my knowledge is that these were pretty hard to get.
  14. awesoem thanks :) jw i have a stcak of cake, how much does that go for? if anything xD