[PRICE CHECK] Engraged Guardian

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  1. Hey guys, wolff here!
    I was in da wild and I got an Enraged Guardian!
    So, How much is it worth?
    lel wrong photo

    (Photo from the original post by Kryssy)
  2. Is it a guardian or enraged zombie?
  3. Guardian
  4. 40k then :) {how much i bought mine for}
  5. Thanks!
  6. They used to go for up to 200k, but sadly, The price has Dropped to about 35-40k
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  7. How did you get it?
  8. Some of the zombies will spawn as zombie villagers. Once that happens, you have to convert them to normal villagers using the vanilla method of a weakness potion and then a golden apple. After they're just normal villagers you can eggify them.
  9. Is the enraged zombie also 35k-40k? :)