[PRICE CHECK] Enchanted God Diamond Armour set

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  1. Price check on a single set of God Armour (A set of armour equipped with the best enchants possible).
  2. Can you list the enchants? Some people have different opinions on the best enchants :)
  3. Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 is generally accepted as the standard "God" armor enchantments.
    Full sets go for around 12k-20k each, usually about 15k.
  4. Really that's a god set?
    Well how much would;
    Unbreaking III Protection IV, Respiration III, Aqua Affintity I, Thorns III Helmet.
    Unbreaking III Protection IV Thorns III Chest
    Unbreaking III Protection IV Thorns III Leggings
    Unbreaking III Protection IV Thorns III Feather Falling IV Boots

    How much would all that be worth unused, not meaning to hijack thread just asking :)
  5. About 18.58 Rupees I could take it off your hands for 20 rupees! You get an extra rupee and a half!
  6. Right. Take that 28.58 rupees and turn it into 28.58 k
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  7. Can we get a clearup on what enchants the armour has?
  8. I don't really consider thorns to be part of god armor as it takes the durability down really fast.
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  9. Yeah very true its good at the pvp arena tho