[Price Check] Enchanted Diamond Sword

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  1. Thinking of selling a copy of my main sword I use and was wondering what a usual price would be
    I mainly use it in grinders and mob arena type areas. Pretty much guarantees head drops on skeletons, zombies, zombie pigmen, etc every 10-20 kills
    Diamond Sword (renamed as Head Dropper):
    Unbreaking 3
    Smite 5
    Knockback 2
    Looting 3
    Fire Aspect 2

    Also wondering about prices of swords identical to the one above, but with Sharpness or Bane of Arthropods instead of Smite, since they would change the damage dealt to various mobs

    Picture of my personal sword:
  2. I sell them all seperately, not sure how much it would come to all together tho :)
    smp8 /v16029
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  3. 4-5k Is what I would sell that for. Might get more with some players.
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  4. Yeah that sound about right, maybe a little more! Good Luck with the sale! :)
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