[Price Check] enchanted diamond gear ...

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  1. I am opening a mall (well its already semi opened) and i want to sell enchanted gear ..diamond armor , diamond swords axe , shovel ect ... Mostly with the high enchantments .. Cant find a mall that sell alot of these to do my own price checking ... so i need some help

    diamond pick eff iv, f III , unbr III
    diamond pick , eff v , f III , Unbr III
    Diamond Axe & Shovels Same enchantments as above

    What are some good enchanted diamond swords to sell? Prices?
    Diamond Armor what enchantments are worth selling ? Prices?
    Bows? Most sought after enchantments? Prices ?

    Did i miss anything ?? Please let me know .. Trying to make this a mall people will come too
  2. Protection 4, unbreaking 3 Armour is good to sell .
    Sharp5, looting3, fire aspect 2 and unbreaking 3 swords are also good sellers.
    I think the most sought after enchants on a bow are infinity, power5 and flame 2 and perhaps unbreaking from what ive seen.
    I am unsure on the prices as its been a very long time since i have bought or sold armour but i hope this helps :)
  3. Thanks so much .. This is very helpful .. I will write these in my notebook so i can start making them .. Now I only need prices .. :D