[PRICE CHECK] Enchanted Books

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by BlackGirlMagick, May 17, 2016.

  1. Hey all. Totally lost on this since shops vary sooo much between servers. Think I could get an estimate on all max level enchanted books? I'll list them. :)

    Sharpness V
    Smite V
    Bane of arthropods V
    Knockback II
    Fire aspect II
    Looting III
    Protection IV
    Fire protection IV
    Blast protection IV
    Projectile protection IV
    Respiration III
    Aqua affinity I
    Feather falling IV
    Power V
    Punch II
    Flame I
    Infinity I
    Efficiency V
    Silk touch I
    Unbreaking III
    Fortune III
    Thorns III
    Depth Strider III
    Luck of the Sea III
    Lure III

    Pretty sure I didn't leave any out. If you'd like to throw in info on lower levels, feel free to do that as well. It's all to help see which of my librarians are valuable and which ones I should re-egg.

    Thanks in advance! :)