[Price Check] Enchanted Book

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by ShrinkingMatt, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering if 24 emeralds was a good trade for a Looting III book?
  2. Not for me, but you may value them differently than I do. If you value Emeralds at 35(which is probably a bit high), then you would be valuing the Book at 840r.
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  3. -.- thank you for this... 'helpful' post little pab c:
  4. For a Looting III price I'm guessing 1-3k. Azoundria's database has 7 entries averaging 1878r.
  5. But emeralds go from 25r up to like 60r.. even at 60r you'll still.be making an average profit of 448r per loot III i believe?
  6. I'd go with 25-35r for Emeralds and 1-3k for Looting III. Based on that trading Looting III for a stack of Emeralds would be a good deal. But that's me. If you want to value Emeralds at 60r go ahead.
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  7. If other people on smp1/9 want to value emeralds at 60 they can go ahead* :p I nearly cried when i saw the price