[Price Check] Emerald Ore

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  1. Title says it plz post price
  2. I've been selling them at 220r at 18754 on smp9... although I'm always willing to negotiate on most of the prices in my shop :)
  3. i put 300r? too much??
  4. well it's worth whatever someone will pay for it... the truth is that there are very few players who actually have Emerald Ore in stock, and those who do have it in stock probably don't have more than a stack or two at most. I consider myself a pretty good miner and I will spend 2 days straight out in the wild mining and I have a hard time coming up with a stack each time.

    so honestly, I think they should be priced higher... but that's because supply is low. unfortunately demand is also low because the Ores are pretty much decoration only because the Emeralds you get from the Ores aren't very valuable.

    so my goal is just to sell them which is why I say I'm negotiable... if I get a reasonable offer then I take it.
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  5. Your price depends on the server you are on, like on smp5 you won't get that much for it. But you can get more on smp2 or 9. Anyways Ill say the price is around 150-250
  6. Well Emerald Ore On Sale At 9280 SMP4!!